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Double-Layered Mink Lashes
Experience real celebrity eyelashes with double layer, super volume, Siberian Mink Fur Eyelashes! These unique Mink eyelashes are individually hand made, and do not use any chemicals, processing, or dyes. Each pair is made delicately by hand, giving the uniqueness and natural look just like your own, real eyelashes.

SJ Double Layered Mink Lashes concept gives you twice the lusciousness, volume, and glamorous eyelashes. You could create exclusive lashes by choosing any two styles of standard mink lashes and combined together to form a new pair of double layer mink lashes. Therefore apart from the existing styles from our website, you could create your exclusive eyelashes, and we would be very glad to help you to do this. Please feel free to discuss with us regarding your selections.

Regarding the customized packaging, magnetic closure box and plastic sliding box with your logo is available with SJ LASHES, please contact us for more information.