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100% Mink Clusters
Due to the soft feathery feel and natural looking shine of real mink furs, SJ LASHES has designed and manufactured these real mink flare lashes. Each clusters has 2-10 mink lashes combined together at the base to produce one flare, and each tray has a total of 60 flares. They are great for a layering effect to create volume. Like all real mink lashes, they are very lightweight.

Our Real Mink lashes are gently brushed, sterilized, and harvested cruelty free. No animals were harmed in this process. Due to the delicate nature of the lashes, they are assembled and curled by hand.

Please note: because these are real mink fur lashes, every lash curl, length, and thickness may vary. We try our best to be consistent but some lashes may have a 1mm or 2mm difference. Customized paper card is available, please feel free to contact us for private label packaging design service.