4-5 Segments Real Mink Lashes #MDIY05

Natural looking, knot-free with lash length available from short, medium and long

Point tip lash applicator is available for easier application

You can order the lash individually or as a whole kit with glue and applicator with your logo

Delightfully soft and lightweight, blend perfectly with natural lashes

The lashes can be worn all day long without straining the eye

Super simple to apply especially when using SJ LASHES eyelash applicator

Each pair is inspected, packaged and sealed before shipment

Latex-free false eyelash adhesive with custom options available

Contact SJ LASHES about private label eyelash boxes

Custom styles can be made and real samples are better provided if that’s possible

These 3D mink segment lashes are made with 100% sterilized cruelty-free mink fur, without any add chemicals or dyeing process. The ultra texture gives the eyes fluffy and messy effect, and they can be blended with natural lashes easily. They are available in 4 to 5 segments, you can apply all for volume look or fewer segments to accent the outer corners of the eyes for a cat eye look.

For longer lasting, 10+ hold glue is available with SJ LASHES. Contact us and get more information please.


About Minimum Order Quantity

-Normally it's just 1pc, with wholesale price.

About Private Label

-SJ LASHES in-house design department is a fabulous and creative team, with plenty of experience for various lash products. Please do not hesitate to call us for OEM services, we can provide one-stop-shop for all of your Lashes' needs.

About Production Time

-We have most of the lashes and supplies in stock, the order can be shipped very fast after order is confirmed.

About Shipment:

-SJ LASHES is associate with many shipping companies like DHL/FEDEX/TNT/EMS etc, you may select the one with the best rate.

DIY Eyelash Extensions 100% Mink Segment Lashes with Custom Lash Box Private Label Pre-Cut Lash

Get a more customized lash look than normal strip lashes with SJ LASHES DIY segment lashes, they are much faster and easier to apply than individual lashes. These DIY eyelash extensions are made with the vegan material and are perfect for daily makeup. Because of the ultra-thin band, they can be blended with natural lashes easily.  For longer lasting, 10+ hold glue is available with SJ LASHES. Contact us and get more information about private label please.   

DIY lashes are available in both individual one pair lashes with custom eyelash box, as well as bundle/set packaging which contains multi-pairs with glue and applicator. Please see the video for some examples and let us know your preference so we can design your own bundle/set.

Different Packaging Options for Segment Lashes.jpg

Please find more 3D mink segment lash styles below: 











Custom box for these fabulous 3D mink segment lashes are available as well, please let us know your preference so we can help you.

20211028 (1).jpg

20211028 (2).jpg

20211028 (3).jpg

20201022 (2).jpg

20201022 (4).jpg

20201022 (9).jpg

20201022 (6).jpg

20201022 (17).jpg

20201022 (12).jpg

20201022 (15).jpg

20201022 (22).jpg

20201022 (25).jpg

20201022 (28).jpg

20201022 (30).jpg

20201022 (32).jpg

20201022 (34).jpg

DIY Eyelash Kit A (4).jpg

DIY Eyelash Kit C (2).jpg

DIY Eyelash Kit B (4).jpg

DIY Your Kit.jpg

SJ LASHES 3D/5D/10D vegan mink lashes are cruelty free and reusable, available with both black cotton band or clear band. Create a beautiful and messy eye look easily, the lashes are made of premium mink fur, soft and fluffy. 

We offer FREE SAMPLES for you to inspect our lash quality. 

Exhibition - 2019 Germany 999.jpg

2019 EBS L.jpg

Exhibition - 2019 Germany (27).jpg

2016 beautyworld MIDDLE EAST 7.jpg

We are featured for one of the best lash factory in China, we accept custom styles and provide packaging design service, chat with SJ LASHES and be our happy customer now! 

2019 Bologna 8.jpg

2016 beautyworld MIDDLE EAST 4.jpg

If you are interested in doing private label eyelash packaging with SJ LASHES, please see the custom examples and further talk to us regarding your lash needs, we will be more than happy to assist you.




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