L Curl Classic& Volume Eyelash Extensions

Contains 10% more lashes compared with industry standards

Double heated for curl retention

Foil backs available for easy removal

Highest grade manufactured from sterilized high grade PBT materials & hypo-allergentic, cruelty-free

Ultra-lightweight, with iconic matt black sheen

Delicately handcrafted by highly experienced artisan

Completely hyper-allergic, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

Great for beginners/training or advanced technicians.

Available in a variety of lengths, thickness and curls to suit every client

Each tray is inspected, packaged and sealed before shipment

Latex-free eyelash extensions adhesive with custom options available

Contact SJ LASHES about private label eyelash extensions packaging

L curl lashes are the best curl to offer the clients eyelash lift look, it's a perfect choice for clients with straight or downward-pointing lashes. SJ LASHES L curl collection will make a eye look open effect without fake look. Morever, the L curl collection has a long attachment area, and the base of the eyelash extensions is straighter, therefore the extension bonds better to the clients' natural lash and gives better retention. Different diameters are available for mega volume, Russian volume, classic (1:1) or hybrids. Every lash tray is sterilized to the highest hygiene standard for you and your clients. 

Mink Lash Extensions LM.png

Mink Lash Extensions L,LC.png

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We have different custom tray options available, please contact SJ LASHES regarding private label lashes, kit and glue. 


About Minimum Order Quantity

-Normally it's just 1pc, with wholesale price.

About Private Label

-SJ LASHES in-house design department is a fabulous and creative team, with plenty of experience for various lash products. Please do not hesitate to call us for OEM services, we can provide one-stop-shop for all of your Lashes' needs.

About Production Time

-We have most of the lashes and supplies in stock, the order can be shipped very fast after order is confirmed.

About Shipment:

-SJ LASHES is associate with many shipping companies like DHL/FEDEX/TNT/EMS etc, you may select the one with the best rate.

With an intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process, SJ LASHES eyelash extensions range includes easy fanning, Hybrid 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D fans, flat individuals and more. We offer a variety of mink/silk lashes in pre-made Russian fans as well as individuals in various different sizes. 

We have different custom eyelash extension tray options available, in addition, we offer a wide variety of premium quality eyelash extension supplies.  Please contact SJ LASHES regarding private label lash trays, kit and glue. 

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We offer FREE SAMPLES for you to inspect our lash quality, and we ensure the quality of the samples is the same as bulk order. 

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From different lash tapes to eyelash tweezers, lash pillow to lash bed, as well as adhesive, kits, pre-treatment, aftercare and lash trays in all sizes.  SJ LASHES continually adds new eyelash extension accessories so keep checking back for all new lash extension accessories.

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Shop with SJ LASHES from pre-treatment, eyelash extensions adhesive, remover to aftercare, we can either offer everything as a kit for different users with own label, or you can pick the supplies you need with own label. Each eyelash extension supplies has products that are carefully chosen for quality. 

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We are featured for one of the best lash factory in China, we accept custom styles and provide packaging design service, chat with SJ LASHES and be our happy customer now! 

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