Clear Round Box with Custom Hanger #SDKY01

Paper lash box for strip lashes

Magnetic closure/gift box for strip lashes

Plastic/acrylic case for strip lashes

Lash bundle/set for strip lashes with glue and applicator

Soft lash extensions tray

Acrylic lash extension case

Luxury foil lash extension tray

Eyelash extensions foil back paper 

Flyer/leaflet/business card/handbag/t-shirt/salon towel/apron printing

Low Minimum Lash Box

As a known lash industry leader, SJ LASHES's used to working with all types of customers – eyelash extension or strip false lashes, large or small. With our help, you can be the brand. Customize our premium lash products with your unique style to make your lash shop or your beauty salon stand out. Our private label lash products are all vegan and  cruelty-free. Plus, we offer affordable low minimums.


Enjoy FREE Design - Lash Product Branding

After defining your design strategy, SJ LASHES can use your existing logo, or create one for you, to present you with stunning package designs that will help your brand stand out. After approval of the chosen design, we'll arrange printing immediately.


Extensive Product Line - We Manufacture & We Sell

By utilizing the finest material, SJ LASHES eyelash products range from mink lashes and silk lashes to latex free eyelash glue, human hair lashes and pre-cut segment lashes, individual lashes and eyelash extension supplies, your customers will come back again and again for more.


Low Minimum Requirements - Make It Affordable

Not only do we have the lowest minimum order requirements,there is no need to block your capital. You can order as low as a single pair/piece. This allows your lash shop/salon to offer a wide variety of signature products to your clients without investing a lot of money in inventory.


Quality Control - Each product is inspected, packaged and sealed before shipment

SJ LASHES has extremely high standards for the lash products, and use third party quality control inspectors to check our work, we are approved by SGS and Intertek, please find the certificates in our website.


Create your own brand YOUR WAY!

Bring your vision to life using SJ LASHES as your manufacturer. We make the process easy so you can focus on building your lash  brand YOUR WAY! We provide all the key details you need to get started, all you have to do is:


-Choose your products


-Pick your quantities


-We ship the products with your logo and ready for your branding


Easy as 1-2-3!


Rely on SJ LASHES to stand out from the crowd!


About Minimum Order Quantity

-Normally it's just 1pc, with wholesale price.

About Private Label

-SJ LASHES in-house design department is a fabulous and creative team, with plenty of experience for various lash products. Please do not hesitate to call us for OEM services, we can provide one-stop-shop for all of your Lashes' needs.

About Production Time

-We have most of the lashes and supplies in stock, the order can be shipped very fast after order is confirmed.

About Shipment:

-SJ LASHES is associate with many shipping companies like DHL/FEDEX/TNT/EMS etc, you may select the one with the best rate.

Cute Custom Eyelash Packaging with Own Logo for Vegan Lashes Private Label for Eyelash Packaging

"Winning, profitable lash products under your Own Private Label"

With well over 10 years in lash products package design experience we can help you get your product noticed. In todays ever changing retail markets shelf presence is critical. We can design a strip false lashes box or eyelash extensions label that is not only dynamic but will communicate your message in a clear and concise manner.

If you already have a logo, just send it to us and show us packaging examples you want so we can design your own lash line products; if you haven't got a logo, SJ LASHES in-house design department will help you from the very beginning. Please feel free to contact us now!  

Furthermore, if you want to brand your lash line better, or upload better images to your social media, but found it's difficult to do branding photoshoot, SJ LASHES may help you as well. 


Ball with Handbag (3).jpg

Ball with Handbag (10).jpg

Ball with Handbag (12).jpg

Candy Case (9).jpg

Candy Case (16).jpg

Candy Case (20).jpg

Christmas Round Cases (4).jpg

Case with Mirror (7).jpg

Christmas Round Cases (8).jpg

Clear Cubic Case (4).jpg

Crystal Plastic Case (9).jpg

Crown Case (8).jpg

Crystal Plastic Case (12).jpg

Crystal Plastic Case (16).jpg

Crystal Plastic Case (30).jpg

Drifting Bottle Case (6).jpg

Drifting Bottle Case (9).jpg

Feather & Crystal Case (2).jpg

Hangable 2 Types  (2).jpg

Feather Sliding Box (2).jpg

Hangable Clear Case (2).jpg

Hangable Octagon Box (6).jpg

Holographic Bag (7).jpg

Jewelry Crown Case (2).jpg

Jewelry Crown&Shell (2).jpg

lash suitcase4.jpg

LED Light Case (1).jpg

LED Light Case (32).jpg

Lollipop Case (3).jpg

Lollipop Case with Bow (9).jpg

Lunch Box Case (3).jpg

Lunch Box Cases (5).jpg

Lollipop Case with Bow (1).jpg

Macaroon Case (7).jpg

Macaroon Case (15).jpg

Macaroon Case Set (3).jpg

round box set (1).jpg

Sliding Box with Butterflies (3).jpg

Suitcase Box (15).jpg

Twisting Machine (2).jpg

Umbrella Case (4).jpg

Unicorn & Flamingo Case (11).jpg

Unicorn & Flamingo Case (18).jpg

Unicorn & Flamingo Case (21).jpg

Vintage Coin Case (1).jpg

Vintage Coin Case (3).jpg

Vintage Mini Suitcase (3).jpg

Vintage Mini Suitcase (5).jpg






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